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We offer a friendly and personal service that can be tailored to your individual needs, with quality and service being very important to us specializing in School and Nursery photographs.

We are a family business offering a tailor-made service to suit you. We are not a multi-national factory offering standard packages photographed by temps, freelancers and sub-contractors. As an independent, professional school photography company based in Lancashire, you can talk direct to us. You will wherever possible have the same photographer year on year, and our office offers a friendly, personal service you just can’t beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

A little insight into how it all works...

Payment is due in full 14 days following the delivery of the photographs. We will arrange to call and collect proof cards/pack payment and any unsold packs.

The school/nursery will receive up to 25% commission for every product that we sell via the school/nursery.

We require a clear and clean area of 2.5m x 2m for single and siblings and 5m x 5m for family photographs in which to set up our full studio.

Payment can be made either by cash,postal order or cheque (made out to "SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER") in one of our payment envelopes supplied.

No, providing that they do not open or damage the security label on the selefane bag. They must return the photo's to the school/nursery within 7 days and pay nothing! However, if we receive an order with a dramatic drop in sales which makes the school/nursery not commercially viable, we may decline future photography.

Depending on the package you picked, We will produce a Proof Card or Sale or Return Pack for every child that has been photographed. These will usually be delivered to the school/nursery in 7-14 days after the photoshoot.

We will visit your school/nursery and photograph every child where consent has been given, either individually, with siblings or both.

Mel Jones Photography Ltd. owns the copyright. Photographs may not be copied, published or reproduced in any form without our written permission, in accordance with the 1988 Copyright Act. However, we are happy to provide schools with a Bitmap CD for use on School and Nursery Software (such as SIMS). We also provide images for brochures or prospectuses and we can also supply Staff Photos, all Free Of Charge!

Our photographer has Enhanced Disclosure in accordance with the CRB Code of Practice. All pupil data is stored in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. All our online photos are password protected, so only the school and the parents, if wanted, can access them. We also carry Full Public Liability Insurance up to the sum of £5,000,000.

Is your question not answered? Ask us on 01253 899101 or at

We take great pride in our job so feedback from you is vitally important and, like anybody, we really enjoy it when people say nice things about us.

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