Staff Photographs

As a thank you, we provide you with a complimentary set of staff photographs copyright free.

We are also happy to supply the nursery with free photographs that you can use on your website and prospectus, at no extra charge.

If you would like us to take staff photos for the nursery staff board, please just ask on or before photo day when we take the singles and we'll include them at no extra charge.

Staff ID Badges

We can supply cards using your own graphics

We can now produce high quality, credit card-sized Staff ID Badges with graphics at 300 DPI including your school's logo and a Staff Photo with Name.

These are supplied with a quality, 10mm wide break-away lanyard, marked up with 'staff', featuring a safety emergency breakaway clip and also a durable, open-faced card holder.

These can be produced as part of your commission. Terms apply.

Please contact Mel in advance of your school on nursery single photographs being taken to arrange for your staff to be photographed on the same day at no charge.

This avoids any sitting fees as we've not had to arrange a photo sitting especially.

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