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We are portrait photographers working with local pre-schools, nursery, primary and junior schools throughout the Northwest of England. Apart from normal school and nursery photographs we offer a friendly and personal service that can be tailored to your individual needs. Quality and service being very important to us. Children can be one of the hardest or easiest subjects to photograph depending upon the child. We specialize in pre-school & special needs children. Starting by putting them at ease producing the odd tweeny or hoob we can usually win round a smile or two. At pre-school age, children change and grow so quickly its important to capture those first few years.

We produce photo packages or proof plan (as in primary schools) for your parents to choose from, so there is no risk or outlay by yourselves and there are substantial discounts back to the nursery making this an excellent means of fundraising. We supply a poster to help you organise and promote the event.

Mel is a pre-school and school specialist photographer and has some experience with special needs and disabled children. He believes no matter how good you are with a camera if you are not willing or cannot get down to a child's level you are just not going to get the results required.

Commission on the total sales from individual proof cards and gift collection, mugs, coasters, jigsaws, bookmarks, calendars, key rings, fridge magnets, canvasses, etc. Parents take the proof card home with their child’s photograph on it. They pick the pack they wish to purchase, place their cheque or cash inside the clear poly bag, seal and return to their teacher at school. We then pick the complete order up on a pre- arranged date normally two weeks. We then process the orders and cash ourselves taking all the stress from you. What could be simpler!!

There's no money for school to count or handle.

Choice of 7 different packages starting from £9.50 Trouble free fund raising Up to 25% donation back to school ...

Nursery Groups

Our nursery group photographs can be taken any time of the year but Spring is the most popular when we may get the chance to take outside. Proof card are available and are proving to be the quickest and easiest way to get the job done. Again no money needs to be handled by school. A set of 10x7 prints are provided for school to display.

During a child’s time at Nursery/Pre-School he or she will make many friends. As we know, as you grow some friends stay, some drift away. Why not help them remember their friends and the staff for that matter for years to come. A group photo can be an excellent tool for this. Groups can be photographed on a room basis or as a nursery whole. Why not have a separate leavers photo taken? We recommend this photo takes place during the spring early summer months, giving greater chance of capturing everybody before holidays or a new life at big school begins! We take great care arranging our groups whether we are producing a formal or casual grouping.

Having a graduation or leaving ceremony is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to the children and students and to wish them well. It can also help to promote your nursery or school by inviting us in for a graduation Group and/or single photographs and by adding the photographs of the day to your own website or prospectus.

For 2014, Our New Box Groups

New For 2014: Our New Box Groups. Book now while bookings are available!

We take great pride in our job so feedback from you is vitally important and, like anybody, we really enjoy it when people say nice things about us.

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