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Your photo, burned on to CD Royalty Free.

Keep a memory safe from damage.

How is the Cost of an Image on CD Structured?

The cost of the Image CD is not simply the material cost of a CD. A great deal of skill, together with expensive specialist equipment is used to create the perfect image. A massive investment is made by our company. Once a CD is purchased, the owner of the CD can reproduce the image for personal use and as many times as they wish. This professional image, plus the royalties, is the item of value being sold and not just the CD.

Please note, the image(s) provided may not be taken to Third-Party reproduction companies (ie. Supermarkets) to be printed. They may only be printed using private equipment (Home Printer). The images have no image adjustments made to preserve original detail for a variety of uses.

Never mix up your keys again!

These quality and practical key rings, which includes your child's photograph, come at a handy and usable size of 35mm wide and 59mm high.

Also sold in better value bundles of five!

A New Modern Addition For Your Wall.

Our lightweight and glass-free float frames give a modern, minimalistic look. They hang flush to the wall with a depth of 30mm for 7"x5"s and 50mm for the rest we offer.

Add extra depth and dimension to your photo by having it printed and mounted onto an 18mm MDF Block.

Block mounting your photographic prints on MDF creates a solid, durable platform that is ideal for long term display. By dry-mounting your prints on MDF, your priceless photographic images will obtain a substantial feel and presence - perfect for any permanent display.

These Comtemporary MDF Photo Block Mounts are ideal for home, office and school environments where they fit perfectly with all types of modern decor.

They have easy hanging options on the back. We also offer line drawing options. Call 01253 899101 for details.

A really useful bookmark for yourself, in the office or at home!

This hand made magnetic bookmark is brilliant for school. Two magnets hold it in place and it has got your childs picture on it so it just can’t be lost at school. Plus it can be used at work too - not too big and holds the page you were reading!

Great for your fridge or car!

These neat little fridge magnets, which includes your child's photograph, are just right for the fridge in the office or even in the car!

Size: 70.5mm x 45mm

Keep Up-To-Date With A Personalised Calendar!

A Personalised Calendar of your child will keep you organised, as well as adding a personal touch to your office or desk.

High Qualtiy Acrylic Drink Coasters

One for the office or a set of four at home, the choice is yours! These high quality, robust drink coasters have a long life and complment your table with a personal touch.

Bagged, Boxed, and Ready to be Framed!

These mounted prints come bagged, boxed, and are ready to be framed into a 20" x 16" frame Unlike inkjet prints we print onto photographic paper - guaranteed not to fade for at least 200 years!

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